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Beauty and the Beast

Swarovski Crystal | Disney | Beauty and the Beast - Enchanted Rose - Limited Edition 2017 | 5285305
Enchanted Rose - Limited Edition 2017

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Swarovski Crystal | Disney | Belle - Limited Edition 2017 | 5248590
Belle - Limited Edition 2017

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Swarovski Crystal | Disney | Beauty and the Beast - Enchanted Rose 5230478
Enchanted Rose

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Swarovski Crystal | Disney | Belle Inspired Shoe - Ornament | 5384696
Belle Inspired Shoe - Ornament

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Beauty and the Beast

Inspired by the famous Disney story, Swarovski has also produced Belle!

The story

Belle, a country girl and daughter of an inventor, lives with her nose in books. She dreams of adventures like the protagonists from her reading. Her father, the friendly confused grower, gets lost on the road to an inventors fair and walks into a strange and creepy castle. He is welcomed by living furniture and crockery to welcome him to the master of the house, a trembling roaring beast, locking him into the dark dungeons of the castle. The castle owner, the beast, is not so fond of visitors. Belle discovers the disappearance of her father and finds the castle after a dangerous journey through the forests. The beast decides to release her father on condition that Belle occupies his place and lives voluntarily in the castle. Indeed, without knowing, she can break the curse that rests on the beast.

The origin

Beauty and the Beast is based on Jean Cocteau's 1946 live action movie, which was a modified version of La Belle et la Bête, a fairy tale written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont in 1757. In her fairy tale the character Gaston was called Avenant. He tries to kill the Beast after he finds out that Belle of the Beast likes. There are also household items that come to life.


Belle is the only person in her village wearing blue clothes, which symbolizes how different she is from everyone else.
The real name of the Beast is Prince Adam, although this name is never mentioned in the film.


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