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Rapunzel - Limited Edition 2018
Rapunzel - Limited Edition 2018
£279.00 1-3 weeks View item
£111.07 1-3 weeks View item
Goofy  - Colored Edition
Goofy - Colored Edition
£244.01 Not in stock View item
Chip 'n' Dale
Chip 'n' Dale
£139.06 Not in stock View item

Welcome at Kristalonline

We sell Swarovski crystal and are the largest shop in the area of Swarovski Crystal in the Netherlands. We are not an official Swarovski retailer. You can find the latest collection at our online store below. For all collections and special Swarovski figurines, you can browse by category through our catalogue. Take advantage of the good service and competitive prices of the Swarovski Crystal by Kristalonline. Because we sell all retired Swarovski crystal figurines, we can offer high discounts. View our collection and order directly online.

Largest assortment

With over 1.500 different Swarovski figurines in stock, we have the most extensive assortment. 

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We sell the retired Swarovski collection with discounts up to 70%. We sell the recent Swarovski figurines with discounts up to 20%.

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If you pay with PayPal, your order will be send the next day!

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Kristalonline from Klaaswaal (The Netherlands) is not related to Swarovski, the Daniel Swarovski Organization or the Swarovski Crystal Society. We are an independent company that offers specialized services for collectors of Swarovski products.