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  • Alice

    Alice of the Disney animated film Alice in Wonderland. Manufactured in blue and clear crystal. This beautiful creation is perfect for Alice in Wonderland fans and Disney collectors. System..

  • 2016 Elsa - Limited edition

    Elsa of the Disney animated film Frozen. Manufactured in blue and clear crystal. Limited edition 2016, this beautiful creation is perfect for Frozen fans and Disney collectors. System numb..


Swarovski crystal figurines

For every occasion there is a special Swarovski crystal figurine. Whether you're buying it for yourself or to give it to another, in our online shop you will find the perfect crystal Swarovski figurine that you want. We have many products from the Swarovski Disney series and you can also find the special Swarovski annual editions.

We sell Swarovski crystal and are the largest shop in the area of Swarovski Crystal in the Netherlands. We are not an official Swarovski retailer. You can find the latest collection at our online store below. For all collections and special Swarovski figurines, you can browse by category through our catalogue. Take advantage of the good service and competitive prices of the Swarovski Crystal by Kristalonline. Because we sell all retired Swarovski crystal figurines, we can offer high discounts. View our collection and order directly online.

€ 59.00 € 45.00
€ 148.00 € 109.00
€ 225.00 € 175.00
2005 Harmony clear
€ 149.00 € 99.00
2007 Blue Tang Fish clear
€ 59.00 € 29.00
Grizzly bear
€ 109.00 € 95.00