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About Us

Hello Collectors of Swarovski Crystal.
Welcome to the shop of Kristalonline.com. We sell Swarovski Crystal at affordable prices with a service such as the consumer can expect. With more than 6,000 items in stock, we are one of the largest suppliers of the beautiful Swarovski Crystal. We are specialized in Swarovski Crystal that is out of the range and we sell the current collection with a discount.
Kristalonline was launched in 2007. After years of collecting Swarovski crystal with a great passion, Kristalonline was created in 2007. We are collectors from the beginning that Swarovski makes figurines. We found out that there was a great demand for Swarovski crystal figurines when we were going to sell our double pieces. Soon, we decided to start the first shop in the Netherlands with only Swarovski Crystal.  After a short time we already had so many customers that we have targeted entirely on the Swarovski Crystal. Meanwhile we are a household name among collectors and the largest Swarovski shop with Swarovski Crystal in the Netherlands. We have a large customer base in the Netherlands and Belgium. Also we send worldwide.
There’s no risk for damage or breakage. We ensure that your order is delivered undamaged. We ship all packages registered and insured. You can pay with PayPal, cash on delivery, bank transfer, cash or pin when you pick up your order.
We keep our range as wide as possible. In other words: " We almost have everything in stock.’’ We also have many rare and special pieces immediately available. Do we have a product out of stock, then we will search for you and we will let you know when the item is back in stock before we put it in the shop.
Kristalonline has no large retail shop and therefore low cost. This allows us to work with a small profit and deliver Swarovski for nice prices. On the new Swarovski collection, we provide a discount. The discount on Swarovski Crystal that is out of the collection ranges, but sometimes as much as 70%. We have 99% of the items in stock. All items on our website are in mint condition and come with a box and certificate of authenticity (unless state otherwise). Products that were produced after 2011 by Swarovski are supplied without a license. The swan is the security feature. In general, this is evident in the boxes. The blue boxes for 2012 are smooth and the boxes after 2012 are somewhat ribbed.
If you order before 15:00, and paid with iDeal or COD, you have the items the next day in the house .
Do you have any comments about this shop, please contact us via the e-mail address: info@kristalonline.com. We are open for any suggestion, comment or addition to our shop which can lead to improvement.
We are available every day by phone at the number 0186 620362 from 09:00 to 21:00.
If you can’t call us, you can always reach us through info@kristalonline.com and contact us to ask your question.
We wish you much fun with shopping!

Kristalonline.com , Klaverbladstraat 6 , 3286 VR Klaaswaal, The Netherlands ( 15 minutes from Rotterdam )
Chamber of Commerce: 24416344 , VAT number: 1327.53.054.B.02
Rabobank account number:
IBAN: NL66RABO0133089657.
Bic - code: RABONL2U

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Kristalonline from Klaaswaal (The Netherlands) is not related to Swarovski, the Daniel Swarovski Organization or the Swarovski Crystal Society. We are an independent company that offers specialized services for collectors of Swarovski products.